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ZULU NYALA – Premiere African Safari

Zulu NyalaHere’s how it works.  You get half of what is raised, and you can sell it multiple times at your event.  This is a week-long photo safari in South Africa.  For more details check out this post: CLICK HERE



sitemgr_photo_492It’s a win-win. Let’s face it. You love to win. Don’t we all? It’s the big reason travel packages from Mitch-Stuart are so successful at getting results. They persuade customers to spend more, motivate employees to reach higher, and convince donors to dig deeper. With our easy-to-run, all-in-one pro-grams and events, everyone wins—you, your customers, your employees, your donors, and your organization. Whether your purpose is to fire up your sales team, inspire your donor base, or grow sales and profits, you can’t lose with Mitch-Stuart.

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At Sojourn Ventures, our passion stems from the communities we work with. For over twenty years, we have established roots and built second lives in Italy and Bali. It is our desire that every guest share in enjoying the authentic, personalized experiences we are able to provide. Moreover, the impact of our vacation packages on these two communities has been invaluable, supporting local industries and businesses in Cortona and providing livelihoods and education for dozens of our staff and their families in Bali. Lastly, and most importantly, we have partnered with hundreds of nonprofits and helped raise over ten million dollars in the last decade, making an impact on countless people and communities worldwide.

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Winspire provides highly sought after, hard to find, unique Experiences for use in charity auctions or fundraisers.  This increasingly popular fundraising tool allows you to place exclusive travel packages in your charity auction without any upfront cost to your organization. Since you purchase only what you sell, every one of our Experiences is risk free. Choose from award shows, major sporting events, VIP access, family vacations, international trips, cruises, adventure travel, golf trips and hundreds more.




SAV-Logo_w300Consignment vacation packages from Silent & Auction Vacations may be the easiest items that you offer in your next silent or live auction.  With our vacations you just print it, display it and profit from it. All of this with no risk for your organization.  You can select your trips weeks in advance and advertise them long before your event, or add them last-minute to complete your auction.