Stephen – Thank you for your guidance leading up to our event. You did a GREAT job, especially with a tough audience and program. We did better than anticipated and I attribute that to you! Thank you! – Teresa Loo


“Our first couple of years we tried to save money by not using an auctioneer…that was a big mistake!  We hired Stephen Kilbreath, and not only is he organized, funny, great with the guests, and easy to work with, we actually doubled our auction earnings!!!  We know he will be part of our big events year after year!” – Diana Reul-Shapiro


“Stephen has a knack for engaging the audience, keeping them totally involved and interacting with everyone on and off the stage.  His sense of humor and sharp wit enable him to keep the events moving and provide that extra bit of entertainment so important to these types of events.” – Rod Heivilin


“Stephen – We loved you, the crowd loved you and it was the best GOTR auction ever thanks to you!  We made 35% more than last year.  I heard over and over how it was our best event ever.  Thanks again for your wonderful advice and expertise.” – Kerin Brasch


“Stephen Kilbreath was an energetic, funny and persuasive Auctioneer for our School Fundraising Auctions.  We had hired amateur auctioneers for our Auctions in the past, and did not realize the value of a professional Auctioneer until Stephen proved that the investment in his services far exceeded our expectations…it was the most financially successful auction we’ve ever had!” – Dana Ross


“Stephen Kilbreath brings energy and heart to our auction.  Knowing what the mission of an organization is an important message the auctioneer needs to have to remind guests why they are at the event.  Stephen made sure he was knowledgable about the mission of the Lenny Wilkens Foundation.  We exceeded our financial goals.” – Brigid Graham